Harriet Brown - Mall of Fortune CD

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Harriet Brown is an artist, producer, composer and performer, creating his own genre of homegrown R&B. With his second album, Mall of Fortune, HB has evolved his bedroom funk to the next level, unapologetically taking us on a semi-smooth ride to sexy church, not without a rough dose of future twang. A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Harriet Brown’s productions are a slew of his meticulous drum programming and heavy, synthesized bass intertwined with his deeply intentional lyrics. HB not only makes us move, but also be moved; his music is genre bending, contemplative, and soulful - contemporary funk for the nostalgics.
Released February 1, 2019

All Words and Music Written, Arranged, Performed* and Produced by Harriet Brown

*except: vocals on "Outerworld" performed by Felicia Douglass and Harriet Brown • vocals on "When You Call My Name" performed by Ana Roxanne and Harriet Brown • additional organ tickling on "Take Your Time With Me" by M.F. Wiley

Mixed by Harriet Brown, Tammy Nguyen and Alex Talan
Mastered by Mike Bozzi
Artwork & Design by Tammy Nguyen